Setting the Standard

FirstClass Foods offers a full line of quality meats for the food service industry. We offer custom processing, copacking, private labeling, packing and shipping to your specific requirements. We are a premier Broad-Line Food service manufacturer and distributor on the West Coast and have partnered with the finest meat packing facilities. FirstClass Foods is committed to high quality and consistency, assuring our customers with wholesome, delicious and most importantly, safe products. We pride ourselves on being a trendsetter and are committed to excellence in the food service industry.

We have a team of dedicated, experienced and skilled employees whose goal is to efficiently produce and deliver what our customers require. Our team is our competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business world. We provide continuous support to our customers.

We have in place a sophisticated traceability program that assures all products purchased, sold and manufactured by us and others are traceable at any point in time within minutes. We invite our Domestic and Export customers to learn more about our Customized Protein Programs.


We are a leading manufacturer in the Food Industry offering a wide variety of custom cuts, added value products, injected and marinated products and all types of qualities and grades.

Custom Processing

We work with our customers to provide a customized product including a private labeling and case ready program. Custom Label design is available upon request.

Portion Control

Our highly-trained meat cutters are skilled in producing premium cuts of all types of product to your specifications.

Storage and Distribution

We offer shipping and storage solutions for your shipping and distribution needs. As well as export certification for your beef and seafood products. Inventory on consignment can be arranged and orders will be put up by our shipping department with all the necessary paper work. Our efficient and streamlined e-commerce will offer LIVE inventory for customers who need to maintain orders and track inventory up to the minute.


Our exporting logistics network serves all international needs when it comes to USDA and USDC needs. Product manufacturing is matched to each country’s USDA requirements. Export certification documentation is approved and signed by a Government veterinarian, loading and preparation of air, ocean or ground containers are always under our strict control.

The countries we serve are Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, French Polynesia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand to name just a few.


Dedicated to Your Success

Our team of dedicated, experienced and skilled employees is ready to serve you. Our goal is to efficiently implement customer requirements and deliver results that meet and exceed expectations. Our organization provides continuous support to our customers. This ongoing support is designed to help our customers continue their success and our customer’s success is our main priority. We’ve built a reputation for success, one satisfied customer at a time.